Dos and Don'ts for Online Shopping

With the growing trend of online shopping, many online stores have recently multiplied on the Internet. Not all online shopping sites are legitimate and many of them are just scams. You must be very careful when choosing online shopping site. However, there are certain steps that you must always follow to shop online. Some habits worth adoption: 

1. Make sure that the site is secure:

Make sure you buy only on sites that use secure encryption. The website URL must be started with “https” instead of “http” especially for sales page or order page. If the lock is open, you should avoid using it, because it probably is not a secure site.

2. Stay away from public networks and sites:

Do not make any online transactions, when you are using public wireless networks. It is best to shop online from home, because in public places like airports, anyone can look at your laptop screen.

3. Replace Debit Cards with Credit Cards:

The debit card transactions are riskier than those with credit cards. A hacker can hack your bank account through debit card. The money can be spent quickly, in order to combat difficulties of violation.

4. Make sure your equipment is insured:

Make sure to update your computer with updated anti-virus, anti spyware and firewall protection.

5. Contact Support: 

Always call an online merchant (website that you buy) before buying a product, especially if you have questions about the product. If the site has no contact information, do not trust on that site.

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