Provides Unique Ways to create brand Awareness

Small businesses when open up in a big city, the biggest challenge that faces them is to attract desired consumers and to create brand awareness among masses. This is a herculean task for newly established small businesses, who find it painfully difficult to invest money in attracting customers.

Luckily today’s local merchants are dwelling in information age, and they have greater options to choose from when it comes to attracting potential customers. Online buying in Pakistan is an emerging trend that is steadily gaining popularity among masses. is the first Pakistani online group buying portal, which is taking the trend of online buying in Pakistan to a whole new level.

Local businesses that have launched a new product or have relocated or opened up in a new place, need not to worry about attracting customers. By joining hands with, they can attract the attention of new customers and create brand awareness among their target market in an effective yet economical way. makes use of word of mouth advertisement, which is the most effective way to create brand awareness. Groupin’s subscribers have strong online social presence on networking sites like Facebook, twitter, and my space. When they avail a groupin deal they share it with their friends and family on social networking sites hence the news about the business spreads virally all over the place. Hence is enlightening local merchants about the benefits lying hidden in the trend of online buying in Pakistan.
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