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Pakistani consumers are steadily gaining awareness of online shopping. According to Google’s 2009 statistics, 18.5 million Pakistanis have access to internet; this makes online medium a most desirable profit generation field for local merchants and consumers alike.

Online shopping from Pakistan like other countries has been given a whole new definition by emerging online group purchase portals. Growing numbers and popularity of online group purchase portals has also exposed their amazing financial strengths. India has two quite popular online group purchase portals; and snapdeal. was recently bought by the leading American online group purchase portal, hence bringing in foreign direct investment and job opportunities for the locals. On the other hand current financial worth of Snapdeal is above 12 million.

Success of group buying sites all over the world is a clear indication of, economic implications held by these online group purchase portals. They are becoming a lucrative medium for attracting foreign investment. Pakistanis are already aware of the immense benefits held by foreign investment, as it was foreign investment in telecommunication industry that gave rise to an era of unbelievably cheap mobile phone and call rates.

If 18.5 million internet users are engaged in online shopping from Pakistan, it will harness a new era of affordability for Pakistani consumers and merchants alike. Groupin. pk has completely revolutionized the concept of online shopping from Pakistan. As, it is no more limited to purchase of luxury items, serves the entire Pakistani demographic. With’s efforts prices of items of daily use are being slashed to half, while merchants are being provided with an opportunity to improve their product and service quality in order to enjoy upsells and customer retention.
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