Profits to be tripled through online shopping

Industrial age has given way to information age, and with this shift allot of new changes have come in the life of modern man. One prominent example of these changes is emergence and popularity of online shopping.

Online shopping is directly related to e-commerce, and experts have high aspirations related to this new medium of shopping. Many are hopeful that in the coming years, people from all parts of the world will spend 1 trillion dollars annually on shopping.

These numbers indicate the economic strength associated with online shopping and it’s potential of becoming a strong profitable industry in the future.

Unlike international popularity of online shopping, Pakistan is lagging behind, as 60% of online users have still to experience online purchase in Pakistan. with its effective online discount portal has come on the scene with the intention to facilitate and inspire the masses to adapt to the changing trends of the time.

Therefore it is striving hard to mainstream the trend of online purchase in Pakistan. has successfully engaged the entire community in to the technical process of online purchase in Pakistan, as its discount deals are based on popular public demands.
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