Quetta to will shop online

Quetta enjoys the status of an urban center, but is unable to fully match its status. Though the city is the capital center of one of the mineral rich provinces of the country, still it’s caught in multitude of issues.

Quetta only contributes 1.5% in the total economic growth of the country. There are several reasons for its poor economic outlook; firstly its economy relies on trade activities, there are no industries, and technological awareness of masses is just limited to basics.

Groupin.pk in the light of aforementioned issues holds the potential to bring positive socio-economic changes in the society through the launch of its portal for online shopping in Quetta.

By mainstreaming the trend of online shopping in Quetta, masses can gain awareness about the true potential held by information technology. They will come to know, about the true scope of information technology in bringing positive socio-economic changes in any society.

Hence, they too will acquire the requisite knowledge needed in creating a better life through the aid of new technology. Groupin.pk’s discount portal for online shopping in Quetta, will instigate the much needed technological revolution in the city.
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