taking the cities of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad by storm has become a huge sensation in Pakistan, launched in April this year; it became a nationwide phenomenon within a matter of three successful months as a provider of unmatched lucrative discounts on all top brands of Pakistan. From Health and hygiene services, Beauty Parlours and Spas, dine out meal deals and the provision of daily life commodities at affordable rates to offers on Gadgets and gizmos, coupons for fun and entrainment and many other things that the people of Pakistan desires, has it all.

The Discount Platter of

Groupin swiftly became the chef-d'oeu·vre of seamless e-commerce industry in Pakistan as it saved Rs. 521,760 in just 4 weeks time while serving 1701 clients. Hence, after its spectacular achievement among the Islooites in providing them with mind-boggling cut-rates on various products and services including discounts on Chinese cuisine, more than 50% off on Fast food items, lowered rates for laptops and cellular phones etc., the curtains for were raised in the city of Lahore. The first Groupin Lahore smacking deal for petrol at the rate of only Rs.70 per liter helped in saving some green in the pockets of Lahories. bringing splendid discounts to towns: is on its way to march in the barriers of financial traumas looming in the Pakistani society and end this era of economic slump, while generating huge capital for the country. Groupin future splendors will be spreading to other cities of Pakistan as well including Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Abbottabad, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, and Multan; following the footsteps of discount offers in Islamabad and Lahore.

What is in the Groupin goodie bag?

Groupin has a bag full of products, services and everything else that your desire at unbelievably markdown rates. The future prospects of and its plans for expansionism in the country are subjective to the idea of citizen facilitation from all walks of life.
A sneak peak for the upcoming deals and discount packages by in the cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi is put forth so that you can save up some cash to avail the deal before it lasts. Details of the impending discount deals are as follows:

The city of Islamabad will face a Groupin Tornado:

Subsequent to the previous discount offers at for Islooites such as the sugar deal, HP laptop deal, Beauty Salon and other dine out deals; Groupin aims to bring other top vendors and business to its online cobweb: wants to bring a friendly courier service to the city with the coordination of TCS courier service Islamabad. With a good discount at TCS courier service to the city of Islamabad, you will be able to send gifts, toys, sweets, cards, cash and even outfits anywhere around the world, with not even a single wrinkle at your forehead.

People who are fond of eating out over the weekends and seek menus with lower rates would be pleased to hear that discounts on various bistros including Rendezvous Islamabad, fastfood restaurants such as Papasallis Islamabad, Subway Islamabad, and Pizza hut Islamabad, along with reduction in prices even at Savour Foods Islamabad and Savour Foods Rawalpindi, will soon be introduced by Groupin.
Prediction of Groupin’s discount eruption in Lahore:

For the shopping lovers in Lahore, Groupin has come up with an outstanding collection of offers and discount deals that would bring a charge to the trend of group buying in Lahore. Being a big customer market Groupin’s online shopping in Lahore will help people from all segments of society while banishing the recession blues.

If you live in Lahore then you must keep your eye and ears open as soon will be giving out amazing discounts on Metro Shoes & Bags Lahore and at various branded Lahore Furniture Shops. If you are planning to get a Mc Burger, then McDonalds Lahore deal will make your day with a discount package you would have never dreamed of. To avail Groupin deals in Lahore quickly, Vote for your favourite deal at our “suggest a deal” segment.

The flood of Groupin deals is heading towards Karachi:

Yes it is true, that the Groupin will soon be launching its unmatched services to the city of glory, Karachi. Shopping malls in Karachi will soon be revitalized with the charm of, as those who had been lying back at home, saving their budgets will be rushing in the shopping centers with Groupin discount coupons.

Discounts on jewelry stores in Karachi, apparel shops and on branded shoe stores will seize the day for you. When you are done shopping with Groupin, grab an instant meal at a cut-off price at Village Restaurant Karachi and end the day perfectly.

Discounts at five star hotels at Karachi Marriott Hotel and PC Karachi will provide your guests and loved ones with serene stay at best possible rates.

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