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Lahore is the 2nd largest city and the capital of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city was founded in ancient times and a artistic centre for over a thousand years. Today, we can describe Lahore as a city that is so magnificent, so fabulous, that every niche and corner of the city articulates of an assured exciting, certain enthusiasm, will for life, which no one can found anywhere else in the world. Possibly it is the development of the city, which marked itself in the various parts of Lahore. But most intensely, great Lahori strength is evident in the people of Lahore, and that’s why they are known as the Zinda dilan-e-Lahore. Lahori people are fond of eating and they love to hang out. As now the online trend is in full swing in the world, it is getting popular in Pakistan also. Many people in Lahore are much known to online shopping and find it to be easier. team wants to promote this trend in Lahore, so that more and more people get aware of online shopping. A few months back was launched in Lahore and it got attention of many people due to its amazing deal on petrol. As the motto of is fight against inflation, they fulfill their promise in Islamabad and in Lahore as well. team is making efforts to get some exciting deals for people in Lahore. They don’t have focus on particular thing; they are looking for deals on all kind of daily routine items and accessories. Currently they are looking for some deals for students of Lahore; as students are the nation builders and wants them to make more efforts for the betterment of the country. As university education in Pakistan is bit expensive then the secondary education. has taken step to get some deals on the top universities for the students of Lahore. The lists of universities that students will be able to get deals in Lahore are Government College University Lahore, Beaconhouse National University Lahore, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Lahore, NUML University in Lahore and University of Education Lahore. Other then these universities there are some training institutes in the deals queue of; which includes fashion designing institutes in Lahore and the Guitar School Lahore. The Guitar school is an institute in Lahore, professionally teaching music to persons aged 7 and above. The Guitar School has so far registered and produced more than 150 artists in different fields of music. So, the deals will be related to every field of education for the students in Lahore. Others don’t have to worry about deals are not just limited to universities and institutes in Lahore, there are many other deals waiting to be live on The upcoming deals in Lahore at are of Lahore Shopping Malls, Polo Lounge Lahore and McDonalds Lahore. These deals will be soon live and Lahori people can avail these deals. is setting a pioneer against inflation in Pakistan and it is rapidly getting popular among the people specially the young generation. done well from its start and up to now had launched some astonishing deals on huge discounts. They started off from the capital city Islamabad with an amazing deal on sugar; they provided sugar at Rs. 25/kg when it was too difficult to even get sugar at Rs. 60/kg. They make impossible thing possible as government failed to bring sugar to such a low price. Some people thought it to be fraud but when most of the people experienced it and bought the sugar deal themselves, then they were the people who were saying that is going to bring positive change in Pakistan. We all are looking for some more amazing deals by like sugar deal soon in Lahore also and we hope that they will be soon reaching the all cities of Pakistan.    
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