a paradise point for businesses

Karachi is home to a diverse population of 16 million. There are multitudes of small businesses that are running in the city to fulfill the needs of Karachi’s burgeoning population.

Karachi has always been a step ahead from the rest of the country. Therefore more and more businesses are establishing their online presences. Trend to buy online in Karachi is far more advance and established; there are many online sources that provide merchants with online advertising and marketing aids.

Businesses in Karachi understand the necessity to have online presence as potential consumers can be easily targeted on social networking sites.

But many are limited to avail this new medium due to high costs involved. Therefore, is planning to launch its online portal in Karachi, so that offline businesses with limited budgets can avail the benefits of this new medium. has served local businesses in Islamabad with more than 100% profits. It’s all set to extend its extremely affordable services to Karachi business community. with its revolutionary business plan will take the trend of online shopping in Karachi to a whole new level. Online shopping in Karachi shall become the most productive form of shopping with for local businesses.
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