Lahore in need of’s immediate rescue

Lahore is undergoing worst food security crisis in its history, food inflation has soared to unbelievable levels, and low income groups that are half of Lahore’s total population are the worst affected.

Concerned authorities as usual are indifferent to the plight of common man in Lahore. Consumption power of masses has been badly affected, as they are spending considerable amount of their income just on essential food items.

In the light of these glaring issues, is planning to exploit the popular trend to buy online in Lahore. Though Lahoris are already using a group purchase portal to buy online in Lahore, but only few are aware of its existence, as its area of influence is limited.

On the other hand has the capacity to extend its services to the entire society; sugar deal is the testimony of Groupin’s power to serve masses.

People will surely feel compelled to use to buy online in Lahore, as they will be able to shop more yet saving more.
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