makes its strong mark in Islamabad is a consumer friendly online discount portal that is experiencing positive results in Islamabad. Currently three deals are being featured simultaneously on the portal; all three are selling out coupons really well. This is an encouraging achievement for, as its current success defies initial assumptions made by critics on its launch. through its actions is proving that it is a wholly consumer friendly portal, as it provides discount on items of daily use, on necessities of life desired by almost everyone.’s discounts are so high that people are compelled to buy online in Islamabad. Current deals are offering 50%, 66% and 70% off. Such deep discounts on necessities of life have compelled masses to buy online in Islamabad.

Almost every featured business on has experienced more than 100% profits, and many are looking forward to launch another deal on in future. Hence has attained the status of prime portal to buy online in Islamabad.
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