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Karachi is one of most business friendly cities in the country, this is the reason one can find mushrooming of local businesses in the city. This has created cut throat competition among local business community, as multiple businesses are selling similar products, and losing their consumers to their competitors.

Inflation has risen; traditional mediums of customer attraction are out of reach for small businesses. They are finding it difficult to bear the brunt of this tough competition, and are sitting helpless. In the light of this appalling situation has taken the decision to extend its revolutionary services to the local business community in Karachi.

Local merchants are already aware of the concept of online shopping in Karachi. wants to infuse its vision in the dominant and popular trend of online shopping in Karachi, so that local merchants can avail the benefits generated by online group buying. will soon become the most accessed portal for online shopping in Karachi, as it holds the potential to prove what it claims.’s current successes in Islamabad are a proof of it’s credibility.
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