extends its vision to Lahore

Lahore is the cultural hub of Pakistan; it is famed for its delicious foods, and insatiable appetite of its residents for rich traditional delicacies. Due to hyper inflation all over the world and especially in Pakistan food prices have gone sky high.

Lahore is also suffering from high food prices that have given way to multiple problems, suburban areas of Lahore are the worst hit areas by high and unstable food prices.

High food inflation in Lahore has given way to another serious issue, of infant malnutrition and infant deaths. It is a sad scenario, and there seems to be no imminent solution to this problem. in the light of this dismal situation has come up with a revolutionary business plan that will incorporate the popular trend of online shopping in Lahore, and will offer deep discounts on items of daily use to the Lahories. Online shopping in Lahore is a popular and evolving trend, but with it will become the most productive and beneficial form of shopping. by infusing its vision in the popular trend of online shopping in Lahore wants to improve the standard of living of Lahories.
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