Groupin: Easing inflation for all in Pakistan

The market value of Pakistan had fallen back at the rate of 5.5% the fiscal year 2009. This GDP setback has resulted in the 15% increase of inflation rate in Pakistan by the start of 2011 and is still mounting up. With these increasing costs of living on one hand and the unemployment rate in the country, recorded as 7.7 per cent till March 2011, has greatly affected the citizens and their way of life.

The rate of sugar which used to be Rs. 48 per kg four years back has climbed up to Rs.85 per kg in 2011 and with this price increase it might cost 125 rupees next year. emerged as the cost-effective portal for online shopping in Islamabad and other major cities in Pakistan to reduce such high costs of living. Where the local merchant was selling sugar at more than Rs. 80 per kg, introduced Rs. 25 per kg quality sugar bags to both blue collar and white collar classes residing in the country and thus online shopping in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Peshawar beneficial for all.
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