Online buying with a way to move forward

Online shopping has opened the door of new possibilities world over. Online shopping has not only benefitted individuals, but entire nations have enjoyed immense benefits from this wonderful form of shopping.
Online shopping in Pakistan is also gaining a steady foothold in the society, but its area of influence is limited.  There are several reasons for online shopping in Pakistan limited to few classes of the society.

Firstly online shops in Pakistan offer limited options to the online buyers, like online gift shops are popular among expatriate Pakistanis, who use these online shops to send gifts like mithais, cakes, birthday presents and flowers to their relatives in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.  Hence their reach is limited to major Pakistani cities.

Secondly Online shopping in Pakistan has been unable to reach masses, as online shops serve those, who have technological resources and enough money to spend on online shopping. Like electronic online stores are popular but serve only the tech savvy segment of the society.

Keeping in view these limitations of online shopping in Pakistan, has come up with an inspiring plan, which aims at taking online shopping in Pakistan to grass root level of the society.  Groupin’s daily discount deals are such that every individual of the society will feel the compulsion to avail them. This will generate technological awareness among the masses, and an alternate economical medium for shopping.

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