Buying Online in Pakistan: Trendy but Affordable by

The hype of shopping Pakistan has intensified and the perceptual boundaries between luxuries and necessities have diminished. The luxuries of the past such as laptops, mobiles, gold jewellery, microwave ovens, television sets or even home air conditioning systems are all part of life's rich tapestry now. These substantial leaps in shopping Pakistan in the recent years has magnified the poverty gap among the nation as the price hike results in lowering down the purchasing power of those who collapse by hard financial times.

There are a number of websites specifically aimed at organizing group buys for the benefit of the consumer by using this collective buying power to get access to daily life items at economical rates., the first online buying portal in the country, gained momentum for spreading out discounted trends in shopping Pakistan. It has recently emerged as a platform to promote “Mehngai key khilaf Jang”, by which discounted shopping Pakistan will improve the lifestyles of the people.

In the long run the Groupin duty free cheap deals such as the Rs. 25/kg sugar deal available for all, the easy on the pocket air conditioner service and various other dining out and entertainment options will help beat the cost of living for millions in the country, making lives affordable again.
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