Groupin: Makes Pakistan online buying a way of life

Online buying has become a way of life in many parts of the world, as countless internet users have benefitted from its beneficial results. Pakistani online shopping sites are few and limited in their scope, as many sell items that hold no interest for common Pakistani consumers.

Current Pakistani online shopping portals are seen selling designer wears, bridal dresses, jewelry, and expensive electronics. This clearly shows that current Pakistani online shopping sites are simply catering to the needs of a limited class of people. Majority is not interested in buying such costly stuff offered by Pakistani online shops.

Due to economic slowdown, consumers buying power has been slashed to half, and they cannot delve in such unnecessary luxuries. Therefore understanding the needs of Pakistani consumers has come with such economical deals, where it sold 1 kg sugar for just Rs. 25. through the aid of online shopping aims at increasing the buying power of Pakistani consumers. is a consumer friendly Pakistani online shopping portal that understands the needs and requirements of Pakistani consumers.
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