will Extend it’s services to Quetta

Quetta is famed all over the world for its immense natural beauty; natives of this rugged mountain city are highly talented. Therefore, the locally weaved Balochi carpets and rugs are famous all over the world for their high quality and exotic designs.

Unfortunately this highly profitable local business is facing shortage of potential consumers. It lost its strong consumer base to skyrocketing inflation. Therefore, the city has been deprived from a potential source of revenue generation.

Inflation has shrunk the consumption power of local consumers and the trend of shopping in Quetta has been limited to the purchase of main necessities of life. Therefore local buyers have stopped spending their money on items like rugs and other artifacts. This current trend of shopping in Quetta is adversely effecting the growth of small businesses in the city.

In the light of these issues and to help out small businesses, will soon be launching its discount purchase portal in Quetta. Through it’s winning business plan it will increase the buying power of local consumers which will indirectly benefit local businesses in the city. With bland trend of shopping in Quetta will experience a positive ray of change.
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