to lead the change has taken the entire country by storm, with its incredibly discounted deals on items of daily use. is planning its launch in Peshawar in the near future.

Peshawar is mired in multitude of problems; one significant problem is of high illiteracy levels and poverty. through the aid of online shopping in Peshawar can play its effective role in bringing a positive social change. in the guise of propagator of the trend of online shopping in Peshawar is planning something bigger and more productive for the city.

Currently internet literacy rate in the city are abysmally low, and will play its effective role in educating the masses regarding the importance of technology. through online shopping in Peshawar will open the doors of new possibilities for the residents. It will educate, and enhance their skills and abilities. In the long run with a pragmatic attitude towards life masses will be able to live a more independent and empowered life.
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